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Heraldry for Kids!

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heraldry for kids activity pack

Heraldry is an excellent way of bringing history to life for kids!

Heraldry came about through a process of change in society. The world was evolving and as it did it needed to create a colourful system of shapes and banners to identify the emerging power houses and knights.

There is a great range of information on this site, see the menu on the left but we are also aware that it is toys which often bring the world of herladry alive. Here are a range of Heraldry Products we would recommend and don't forget our FREE activity sheets.

What is Heraldry

Heraldry is a great way for kids to find out more about history so check out the menus on the left that include web pages on Symbols, Terms and Colors.

paper dolls knights activity sheets

If you like our free sheets then your kids might enjoy our Knight paper dolls.

They are great to keep the kids entertained and are also good at parties especially knight themed parties!

Print them out, cut out the Sir David the Knight and the different armours, then dress him ready for combat.






FREE activity Sheets

Click one of the activity sheets below and print out your free activity sheet. MORE SHEETS HERE

Free Activity Sheet - Conquer the castle


Free activity sheet | heraldry for kids | knights shields

free activity sheet | heraldry for kids | Three Knights Maze

heraldry for kids free activity sheet of flags and banners

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