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Heraldry Colors!

The first step in creating a Heraldic Shield is the colour of the background otherwise known as the field. This is very important as it dictates what colours can be placed on top. There are five main colours in heraldry and these are black, blue, green, purple and red. Some tints and mixes of these are also used and are known as stains.

Gold and Silver are usually depicted as yellow and white, although gold and silver can be used to represent metal. The rule of Tinctures states that curtain colours cannot be placed together and metals should not be placed on one another. This was designed to allow quick identification on the battlefield but is not always followed.


Colours are also associated with a hatch pattern. Silver is plain, gold is dots, red is vertical lines, blue is horizontal lines, green is diagonal lines from top left to right bottom, purple is diagonal lines from top right to bottom left, black is a grid of vertical and horizontal lines, orange is horizontal and diagonals from top right to bottom left and brown is horizontal lines with diagonals running top left to bottom right.

Some classic examples of associated colours are the red and white roses of Lancaster and York and the royal blue field of the Fleur de Lis.

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