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Heraldry for Kids!

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Heraldry is a colourful and dramatic way of identifying knights, warriors, priests and families which was first established nearly a thousand years ago. It uses symbols and signs, decorated with animals, birds and shapes to give meaning, a message for all looking on. It is an exciting subject which appears in many books and stories and features in many films.

Heraldry History

Heraldry came about through a process of change in society. The world was changing and as it did it needed to create a colourful system of shapes and banners to identify the emerging power houses. Everybody needed to know who the Knights and men in armour were fighting for, or the families who want to forge partnerships with other families needed proof of heritage.  


Free Activity Sheets

free knight coloring sheet

In this website we have gathered a range of information for your usage and also included a collection of free activity sheets for you to download for your kids to do.

In Partnership

We also work in partnership with a number of companies who promote Heraldry related subjects, you will see them on the site, so we hope this enriches your experience while using this site.

paper dolls knights activity sheets

If you like our free sheets then your kids might enjoy our Knight paper dolls.

They are great to keep the kids amused and are also good at parties especially knight themed parties!

Print them out, cut out the Sir David the Knight and the armour, then dress him ready for combat.



Other heraldry and history sites we recommend

The College of Arms and the Historical Association.

FREE activity Sheets

Click one of the activity sheets below and print out your free activity sheet. MORE SHEETS HERE

Free Activity Sheet - Conquer the castle

Free activity sheet | heraldry for kids | knights shields

free activity sheet | heraldry for kids | Three Knights Maze

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